Mentorship Request Form   

The FLOW Mentoring Program

Requesting a Mentor

Mentors are considered essential to the growth of your enterprise and core to the FLOW program and your willingness and commitment to working with your mentors will be considered at each judging round. As part of the application process you are required to submit a request form and you will be assigned a Lead Mentor based on your profile so it is important to make the profile as complete and accurate as possible.

Throughout the process you will also be assigned one or more Specialist Mentors as needed. You can obtain these specialist mentors either by signing up online or by contacting the FLOW office directly.

FLOW will periodically check in with contestants about how well the mentoring relationship is working and if necessary, reassign mentors. Your interactions will be a factor considered by judges in reviewing your venture's progress.

FLOW Mentorship Roles

There are two types of FLOW Mentors:

Lead Mentors will be assigned to one team for the duration of the competition. Lead mentors provide general support and feedback across all areas of the business.

Lead Mentor Roles:

  • Coach teams through business model development and business plan and presentation preparation
  • Provide feedback on all aspects of the business
  • Make connections to key resources
  • Liaise with specialist mentors to provide a cohesive program of support for the teams
  • Help team develop product concept and identify market

Getting Started

Step 1
Complete the online Mentorship Request Form which includes your profile and submit as soon as possible after being notified of acceptance.

Step 2
Arrange a first meeting with your Lead Mentor, and set a schedule as well as agreed milestones and goals.

Step 3
Meet with your Lead Mentor at least once a week; talk to specialist mentors as agreed.

Mentee Rules and Guidelines

  • Your mentor is giving you their time, expertise and experience. Please respect this and prepare thoroughly before you meet or contact your mentor.
  • Optimize the use of your mentor's time. Use your mentor for high level advice, contacts and help.
  • Set up times when your mentor agrees to receive your calls or meet with you at an acceptable frequency of contact. Do not phone outside those agreed times and keep the frequency of your calls and meetings well within the limits you have agreed.
  • For the duration of the competition you must not contact or ask your mentor to contact any of the competition judges.
  • The Mentor can only sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) on their own behalf, not the competition's
  • Mentors cannot become officers of the company, act as employees, join a company advisory board or acquire a financial interest in the company during the competition. However, once the National Competition is completed, the teams can form any business arrangement that is appropriate for their business.

Tips for Mentees

  • Every effort will be made to match you with a mentor near you but if your mentor is not local then consider setting up a Skype of Google Hangout meeting.
  • Finish each meeting by setting next steps, and focus on the judging criteria and Round 3 goals as keys to making fast progress.
  • Attend as many of the FLOW best practices and informational workshops as possible, as they will give you a wealth of background of information and provide help with the special issues of your particular business
  • Find ways to reward your mentors e.g. with sharing learning and with introductions.