FLoW Companies

During FLoW's first two years, the following companies were established and continue to thrive:

Arbsource uses biotechnology to deliver fast, efficient, and modular wastewater treatment for the food and beverage industry by generating valuable byproducts including hydrogen and ammonia.
Bringing simple and insightful energy understanding to homeowners while empowering utilities with customer engagement.
Greenbotics aims to provide the world's most effective and affordable solutions for solar module cleaning.
Pacific Sky Power is developing high efficiency wind power for clean energy production. Most wind power systems only harness low altitude winds. Our technology reaches high in the sky for more power production.

The Stanford Nitrogen Group has developed a new wastewater treatment process that removes and recovers energy from waste nitrogen (ammonia).
Strider Solar makes the dead spaces on solar panels disappear!
Sustainable Microfarms was started by 3 USC and UCLA students and is a privately-held Los Angeles, CA based company developing a high efficiency soilless growing system for urban agriculture. Our mission is to enable customers to easily, efficiently, and cost effectively grow high quality local produce.
Westland Joaus Technologies is established to innovate and invent technologies directly related to sustainable energy and environmentally responsible uses of all energy. We then make this technology into quality/affordable products so people will want to use them.

Xite Solar's technology borrows old tricks from the transistor industry to enable a new class of low-cost, high-efficiency solar cells made from virtually any semiconductor.
Carbon Cultures
Carbon Cultures is a biochar company using patented technology to promote existing forest health practices by creating an ecologically sound method for carbon sequestration through effective soil amendment with our high-quality biochar.
We have developed a small scale cold storage system that uses a patent pending technology for storing perishables to solve the problem of heavy food wastage in developing countries thereby offering higher remuneration to farmers.
Aloha Composite Solutions exploits the properties of composite materials to create ultra-light, ultra strong cargo containers for air freight. The patent-pending design reduces the weight by 58% and decreases fuel consumption at zero up-front costs.

Electrozyme endeavors to be the world leader in the development of printed sensor technology to power the 21st century lifestyle.
Muir Data Systems (formerly BlueDot Analytics) is developing a cost efficient computerized predictive maintenance management solution for utility scale wind turbines.