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Risky business: A study of physics entrepreneurship

This Physics Today article surveyed 91 physics based startups in the US. It covers topics like getting funding, IP issues, and startup pitfalls. It has lots of quotes from Ph.D.'s turned entrepreneurs. — Paul Weitekamp, UC Santa Barbara

Steve Blank at the 2013 ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit

Co-Founder of Lean Launchpad, Steve Blank, gave a lively presentation that can be viewed in 15 minutes and is particularly useful.

The Art of Commercialization - Guy Kawasaki

This essay reveals the realities of licensing someone else’s invention i.e. technology transfer. The part about the biases and misconceptions of many inventors and their organizations is especially useful, and will help any technologist to put things in perspective.

Guy Kawasaki was the original software evangelist for the Macintosh computer; he was the guy who convinced software developers to write the first programs for Steve Jobs’ insanely great (and unknown) machine. Guy has run software firms, a VC fund, and written a bunch of valuable books on startups and tech marketing. He’s also a graduate of UCLA’s graduate business school.

"Short, to the point, very good list of points regarding commercialization of technology — worth distributing" — James Leet, Caltech.

How to Write a Great Business Plan — Bill Sahlman

This is a classic article by a noted Harvard Biz professor that tells you how to “focus on what really matters to investors,” in other words: The People. The Opportunity. The Context. and the Risk and Reward.

If you read, understand, and apply the advice in this article, you will be light years ahead of the majority of entrepreneurs and startups in attracting the attention and support of worthwhile investors, partners, and customers.

“Verdict: Best reading in the bunch, very practical advice to writing a good business plan” James Leet, Caltech

Crafting a Message that Sticks,
An Interview with Chip Heath

In July 2007 Chip Heath spoke with Lenny Mendonca, a director in McKinsey's San Francisco office; Matt Miller, an adviser to McKinsey; and Parth Tewari, who was then a Sloan fellow at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, about the key principles for making an idea "stick" and how executives can use them to communicate more successfully.

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